J. D.

Digital Marketing Strategist in Ohio

Learn and grow, inform and inspire, engage and empower: Build your network and expand your brand. I am a Digital Marketing Strategist currently living in Ohio. My interests range from entrepreneurship to social enterprise, social good to digital business building. I am also interested in writing and design, literature and entertainment, sports and leisure, travel and tourism, health and fitness.

Enhancing organic reach with organic growth in digital business building with diverse interactive client experiences. Fostering and maintaining a realistic balance between traditional and digital marketing through specialized integrated marketing services that include strategic advertising and promotions—organic and paid social, market and customer research, reporting and business intelligence, data mining and analysis.

Providing critical perspective on the scope, sequence and content of crafting digitally focused strategic solutions for digital business success. Strategic implementation through modernization with a shared vision and global approach. Quantitative storytelling, unified messaging and cohesion through brand identity design to meet the full-service needs of clients.

Digital Marketing • Social Media Marketing • Email Marketing • Content Marketing • Video Marketing • Influencer Marketing • Mobile Advertising • Promotions • Crowdfunding • Brand Identity Design • Strategy and Audience Research • Profile Setup and Integration • Social Content Creation • Social Media Management • Ad Campaign Creation • Ad Management and Optimization • Analytics and Tracking • Consultation and Collaboration • Training and Development • Speaking and Events

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