J.D. Andersen

Renton, WA

JD is a Manufacturing Engineer, Rocketeering Manager, & Burner. Every even year at Black Rock City (2010, 2012, & TBD), he camps with Mal-Mart, an eclectic collection of incredible people that unite in the desert each year to satirize our modern society's need to consume and spend. For 2013, JD is leading Camp "Come Again!", an intrepid group devoted to ensuring their fellow Burning Man citizens are fully supplied with all of the conveniences of home.

JD spends much of his free time designing and building crazy structures & vehicles to celebrate rampant commercialism. His current focus in on the creation of a mutant vehicle that is a mobile rotisserie/ferris-wheel of hammocks... the Mal-mArt Deep Playa Hammock Utility Cart... the MADPHUC.


JD balances his implied narcisism with his spirit of service... if you think he sounds like a d!ck, well, you are entitled to your opinion. If really in doubt, ask his camp mates. They know the real deal.



  • Work
    • Blue Origin, Rocketeer
  • Education
    • WWU, Manufacturing Engineering