Jon Carroll

Director of Prototyping in Boulder, Colorado

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Jon was one of the first employees to join Sphero in May 2011 and helped bring the original Sphero product to market the next year. He lead the development of the original Sphero app experiences including the Sphero app, Chromo, Golf, Draw & Drive, Exile, Sharky the Beaver, The Rolling Dead and many more.

Jon worked with the firmware team to create Macros and MacroLab which went onto become what is now the Sphero EDU program. He created or defined many of the underlying technologies that power Sphero products today including API commands, firmware updating, macros, augmented reality, SDK, build systems, and is named as an inventor on many of Sphero’s key patents.

Jon helped bring BB-8 to life and was the one who created the holographic messaging feature. Jon is currently the Director of Prototyping at Sphero where he leads a team to develop and test future product concepts, as well as do R&D on future technology.

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