Jonathan Marks

Strategist, Editor, and Director in Huizen, Netherlands

Jonathan Marks

Strategist, Editor, and Director in Huizen, Netherlands

Hello. I’m Jonathan.

I lead a creative strategy guild called Critical Distance.

It all started in 2003. Then, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we rethought everything from the ground up.


Because routine is the enemy of change.

We could see the traditional media business was being severely disrupted. And as traditional broadcast corporations wither in influence, we're seeing the return of creative guilds. We evolved from “ideas worth spreading” (the old TED mantra) to just executing the ideas worth doing with people who want to get stuff done.

The only path to growth is by doing things differently. Just doing things a little better or cheaper always goes wrong. I keep seeing brilliant opportunities to lead in re-engineering the future. And so we’re building on our dreams.

Today, I lead an active guild of digital craftsmen and women. We help international entrepreneurs scale their business across borders. Because investors are no longer interested in pitches over Zoom. They're searching for teams with a clear, open narrative. I'm happy to explain the difference.

Every company is becoming a media company. But audiences only remember the message from great storytellers. It’s an essential strategy for any team who wants to change the world.

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