joni cham

Writer, Editor, and Public Speaker in Brooklyn, New York

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Joni Cham is the author of the novel, "In My Mother's House". She mostly writes fiction and essays but has started dabbling into poetry--a genre that has always intimidated her.

She is currently working on her second book, a collection of short stories tentatively titled "Daughter and Other Stories." She likes to think that she's pre-writing her second novel but because she can never really be sure about that, she has also taken up coding. Just to cover all bases.

If you're in the Philippines, copies of her book are available at these locations or online. If you're in the US, you can shoot her a message to work out how she can send you a copy. And if you're anywhere else in the world, try this link. Alternatively, you can request your local library to purchase a copy so you can read it for free.

Joni's last day job was as an intelligence analyst at a risk consultancy firm in Manila, Philippines. She has recently immigrated to New York and is learning to live with the cold. She is also relearning Mandarin which she does by singing 光良's songs, and Spanish. She has yet to find a Spanish song to sing. She blogs at

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  • Education
    • De La Salle University, MFA-Creative Writing
    • De La Salle University, AB-Literature