Joni Bryan

storyteller, nonprofit, and Technology in Denton, Texas

I am a non-profit storyteller helping nonprofits tell their stories of empowerment, compassion, inspiration, and change! An advocate committed to building the capacity of nonprofit organizations through strategic alignment, tools, and technology, I bring a diverse range of approaches to the work of nonprofits. Drawing on the latest nonprofit educational models, my background in human services, and people and data management, I help align vision with resources that serve the nonprofit sector. I have spent the past 20 years heavily involved in the nonprofit community including founding two nonprofits, and I help nonprofits tell their stories better by tracking impact and thinking about engagement differently. I believe that the stories that change our lives and inspire us are just "data with a soul ." (Brene Brown)

Personally, I am interested in all things spiritual and mystic. I am an avid documentary-watcher, and a burgeoning documentarian making my first film now. I have been writing about religion, spirituality and mysticism for the past 10 years. I am passionate about equality and making the world a better place through social justice and human rights activism. I'm a mobilizer, a vision-caster, and an awe-filled student of the world around me. I believe in compassion and in love.

My personal mission is to reflect hope to those in dark places, to explore the world through a lens of compassion, and to discover common ground through love stories.

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  • Education
    • University of North Texas