Jonathan Shuler

Jonathan is a multimedia journalist and filmmaker, specializing in trauma, economics, and technology in developing nations. He is attracted to stories that help describe our changing world, finding that he has a gift for explaining some of the complicated issues of our time with brevity, even-handedness, and beauty. His work has taken him to Kosovo, Sri Lanka, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and most recently Kenya and South Sudan; and has been seen seen on CNN, PBS, and BBC International.

Jon fell in love with photography while studying business at Baylor University, which he eventually left because he could not put down his camera. After a trip to Kosovo in 1999, he chose to focus on Visual Journalism at Brooks Institute of Photography where he developed his multi-discipline approach to journalistic storytelling through photography, film/video, and audio.

He lives with his beautiful wife and daughter in Southern California.