Joose The Conqueror

Artist and Musician in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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The language of music touches people of all backgrounds and cultures in different ways. Although conveying the universal message of passion, the language of Hip Hop is one of perseverance, knowledge and understanding. It still impacts generations of storytellers to this day. Joose The Conqueror, the Washington-born and Michigan-raised emcee is no stranger to this influence and accepts the burdensome responsibility with an open heart and even more open mind. Although his respects are offered in abundance to his great predecessors, Joose goes beyond conventional Hip Hop to take listeners on a musical journey reminiscent to a sound that can not be paralleled. With unmasked emotion and mellow but powerful lyricism, Joose is bringing honesty back to the foreground of the mainstream.

Joose the Conqueror is co-founder and member of the rising art collective and digital record label, AGO Music. An emcee, producer, vocalist and entrepreneur in his own right, Joose has been insightful enough to surround himself with some of the most talented music makers from his area and beyond to create an original, atmospheric soundscape. Birthing projects like Cruise Control and Insomnia has allowed him to tap deeply into his wealth of talent and prove that his artistry is essential to any eardrum. Already gainfully earning sponsorship from the likes of Sprite and Soundcloud, he is set to break even more boundaries and obstacles. Joose the Conqueror is a multi-faceted artist and creator, focused on making even more waves with his own enrapturing brand of art.