Jordan Hoechlin

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Director in Miami, Florida

Jordan Hoechlin

Filmmaker, Photographer, and Director in Miami, Florida

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Jordan Hoechlin Is An Award Winning Commercial, Music Video And Film Director, Colorist, Entrepreneur And Photographer. He Is A Well Rounded Individual Who Lives With Passion, Dedication, And Grace.

On 13th September 1998, Jordan Was Johannesburg, South Africa, He Later On Grew Up In Tokyo And Then Moved To Singapore Where He Left, After Graduating From High School.

Currently Living In Miami And Singapore, Along With Working On Independent Film Projects, Commercials And Music Videos, Jordan Produced Content For MTV, And Online Color Grading For Big Production Companies And Film Directors Around The World.

Hoechlin Has Received Numerous Awards In Commercials, Music Videos And Photography People From All Over The World Have Been Sharing Their Thoughts About Jordan. One Thing They All Have In Common — From Colleagues To Clients From To Personal Friends— Is How They’re Touched By His Passion And Creativity. He Has A Great Sense Of Humor

In 2007 Jordan Released Several Videos And Appeared On MTV Asia (Both Broadcast & Online) And Other International Channels Such As AMP, Go! Channel Philippines, DirectTv US And Mobile TV - Vodafone UK / Ireland.

As A Director, Colorist And VFX Producer He Has Been Commissioned By Samsung, Loca, Sony, Audi, Dell, Hugo Boss, Virgin, Coca Cola, Smirnoff, Ikea, Panasonic, Adidas, Filla, CTBC Music Group, Warner Music, Universal Music, And Numerous Other Indie Labels To Make Videos For Both Local And International Artists.

Hoechlin Brings With Him A Well-Rounded Knowledge Of Filmmaking And An In-Depth Understanding Of Digital Filmmaking And Leveraging New Media As A Marketing Tool Along With His Strict Work Ethic And Professionalism.

He's Had The Opportunity To Live In Work In Some Of The World's Most Beautiful Places: Tokyo, Miami, Seoul, Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore, Paris And Beijing. He Speaks English, Spanish And Is Currently Learning Korean. He's Had The Chance To Meet Countless Wonderful People And Experience Life To Its Fullest.

He Recently Left His Father's Company And Is Now Shooting His Own Videos. He Now Owns Film & TV Production Company In Beijing, China. And Also Have Another Post Production Company In Shanghai Which He Started 2016.