Jordan Metzner

product in Seattle, Washington

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Seasoned Entrepreneur with international experience and fluent in Spanish.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, studied Entrepreneurship at Indiana University (top10 B-School). Upon graduation, I moved to Buenos Aires Argentina, where I created and built a 14 store franchise of burrito restaurants. After a successful exit of that business, I moved back to Los Angeles with my wife. Next I spent 2 years as head of product at a payment tech company. While working on nights on weekends on my next project, I quit my job to pursue a new venture backed startup. After raising over $20 million in venture capital from some of the best tech investors in the world. Unfortunately, while not able to secure additional funding,the company was shut down. Today, I am a senior manager at Amazon, building product for customers.

I enjoy making music, surfing, snowboarding, running wakeboarding, golf, photography and going to the beach. I am Fluent in Spanish and speak broken Hebrew. I am a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member. I have driven across the united states in car 10 times. I have raced in three 10K RUNS, 1 Half Marathon and completed the Long Beach Marathon.