Jorge Arturo

Consultant, Writer, and Software Engineer in Mexico

Jorge Arturo

Consultant, Writer, and Software Engineer in Mexico

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You can't quite tell by the picture but I have my passport with me, I like moving around beyond borders, so my location may vary from time to time, follow me on twitter and subscribe to my blogs to keep up, it will be time justly spent. ROI goes beyond borders too.

I find life mesmerizing, short & mysterious.

Have survived gun shootings and high-speed wrecks on 2 cars, 1 motorcycle and 3 bicycles; no one injured and neither my fault [ok, maybe three], I still drive, easy-ride and hit the pedals. The bullets were not shot at me during the first mentioned shootings but it sounds cool to mention shootings *wait, it does?* The cosmos has protected me from several murder attempts and the culprits are NTBF forsaken in hell.

Had first computer encounter at age 6 on 286-based hardware & monochrome screen; learned MSDOS from a tutorial found at my dad's workplace (University library). Spent way more time than healthy playing videogames, repairing PCs, meditating, learning how other people think and how the economy works (success?).

Learned English playing NES, mostly by solving RPG quests & puzzles with my 3 brilliant brothers; using a plain old dictionary and guessing next moves by interpreting context (exciting times!).

Internet denizens since the 90s know the formula:

[(IT knowledge+English) * Curiosity] ^ Internet ÷ Noise Filters + Critical thinking = Enlightenment

Yeah, I made that up; but you get me.

Have been a curiosity-pleaser turned www-surfer then web-developer then project-mgr then ops-mgr.

Now a community builder and consultant, a recent student of the path of data & entrepreneur with a habit of dissecting ux design and —just like any other chap in the block— an aspiring impresario hoping to get money & wisdom to invest in worthy tech and culture. Pleased to be included on the conversation, passionate about getting involved on the development of this up n' growing techno-enabled global society. Always looking up for mentors and mentoring peers when I find talent, grit and loyalty.

I like making people feel welcomed around me and my crowd/team. I'll play all my cards to circumvent or dismantle unproductive environments and toxic people; ignorance, abuse, fear-mongering, lip service, and else.

I put my highest admiration on resourceful people of action and facilitators; people who create value and take risks to make an exciting and better tomorrow. And for profit of course ;-)

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    • Mostly Developed as an autodidact.
    • College educated and graduated too, dawg!