Jorge Rodriguez Nieto

Consultant, Project Manager, and Small Business Owner in Barcelona, Spain

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Since 2000 Jorge has developed projects for HBO Time Warner, The Latino Group NYC, NYU, Sony Pictures, Embassies, Local and regional TV Channels, Local Government, Museums, Art Centers, Brands, Orgs, Designers and Shops.

2004 took him to Barcelona, where he started Algo Bueno Studio, Photocircuits and in 2008 MIDI the Masters Program in Research for Design and Innovation.

He currently runs DesignThinkers Spain member of and works in projects that involve research, culture, marketing, innovation coolhunting and design thinking.

Pop is for Jorge, the culture we live everyday. Culture changes with us and expresses how we feel and think about life in our societies. LifeStyle is a personal journey: a mix of role models, concepts and marketing and an opportunitty to connect. People do care more about experiences than ever do about products, but both concepts are linked.

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