Jorg Hauan

Seattle, WA

Welcome to my page.

My name is Jorg Janssønn Hauan, and I was born and raised in a small town called Tromsø, far above the arctic circle. I'm a Kaospilot International Alumni with work experience from the US and Scandinavia. I've co-started festivals, made shorts and documentaries, and played support for the black metal band Mayhem. I'm also a passionate game producer, and I got to learn the trade at Zombie Studios in Seattle, where I lived for four years, becoming a Producer after 1.5 years and work on some really fun projects.

My ambition is to create products where virtual actions have positive real world effects, engage in interesting story telling and bend the possibilities of current technology and consumer actions.

My interests and inspirations are fishing, movies, hunting, opera, classical music, tennis, golf, black metal, hard rock, electronica, watching soccer and NFL.

Looking forward to talking to you,


  • Work
    • CEO at The Arctic AS
  • Education
    • Kaospilot International