José González D'Amico

Aspiring software craftsman. Mobile enthusiast. Family man. Passionate rugby fan. Music lover and occasional musician. Catholic. Dreaming with a renewed world.

Hi! I am a software engineer living in Corrientes, Argentina, in the journey to be better at my craft. Once a seasoned desktop apps developer, now I am focusing my career on mobile technologies.

Besides tech I also love:

  • My family. I have a beatiful, dedicated wife and two cute little girls (they are simply wonderful)
  • Rugby, IMO the best sport of all. In my teen years I practiced it. Whether rugby wasn't for me or I wasn't for rugby is a debatable question...
  • Music. I listen to a variety of styles: pop, blues, bossanova, classical, etc. I used to play the flute, from time to time I blow some tunes
  • My life of faith. Being a Roman Catholic, I strive to contribute to making this world a better place to live, but I'm happy trying each day! ... And I still believe we will see some day a world renewed by love

You can find me online here: