Joseph Chinnock

Boulder, CO

Joseph Chinnock has been published in leading literary journals including The Gettysburg Review, The Santa Clara Review, The Southeast Review and The Dirty Napkin. He was recently awarded a month long Colorado Art Ranch residency.

Joseph Chinnock is the director of A Writers’ Collective, a consortium of Iowa Writers’ Workshop graduates. Grinding Machines is an excerpt from his most recent book, The Alchemy of Nourishment, the story of a post-Catholic, B minus Buddhist who joins a cooking class in the new-age Mecca of Boulder. The class is put on by a charismatic Wise-Woman with a dark past, and her precocious teenage daughter, resulting in a love triangle that explores the very limits of hunger, food, love, betrayal, madness, revenge, Clock–Work Orange-like programs, organized resistance to such programs and ultimately—redemption.

Joseph Chinnock's next project is about a Hindu Sherlock Holmes, a Brahmin postal worker in the British Raj who uses Hindu logic to solve crimes. In his free time Joseph writes, reads, broods, drinks way too much coffee and listens to New Order.

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