Joseph Luther

Rune Reader and High Priest in Port Orchard, Washington

Nearly 8 years ago, I went out to find my Spiritual path that acknowledged my inherent intuitive abilities. With careful and focused exploration, I came to find a personal connection with Wicca and Paganism. I then discovered a Gay Men’s Coven based in the Southeast United States, and dedicated myself to becoming a High Priest, which I achieved in 2016. Through this journey, divination began to call to me profoundly in the Norse tradition of Runes.

My goal is to provide guidance and support through the power of the Elder Futhark Runes, and assist you along your life journey. Runes can give very simple and direct messages. However, the meanings can run much deeper into one’s life, where more complex answers may be necessary. Runes do not tell the future, but instead offer guidance and clarity for you, if you choose to follow their advice.

I also use Rune Oracle cards to help tell the story they are presenting to us. These can also help break down its message into an easy to understand format.

I also have the ability to create Bind Runes, which use Rune symbols utilized for a specific intention. Protection, health, financial focuses; These are just a few of the intentions I can set in the Bind, and empower it to provide positive direction for you.

I am excited to help you manifest a positive and energetic solution for you. Please feel free to come say hi, and ask any preliminary questions you may have about my Runic Practice.

You can find me on Facebook at @runesage and on Instagram at @luther_joseph

206-763-1731 or email: [email protected]