Joseph Ashford-Ellis

Entrepreneur, Investor, and Philanthropist in Bournemouth, UK

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After a successful career in corporate positions, Joseph Ashford Ellis founded K4 Global in 2014. At the firm, Ellis draws upon his experiences with other businesses to help growing businesses, established businesses and high-net-worth individuals with marketing and security matters.

The marketing aspects that K4 Global focuses on include strategic marketing and public relations, particularly within the film and arts industries. As the owner of the firm, Joseph Ashford Ellis is directly involved with many of these consulting projects and oversees all of them. He is also a sought-after speaker on marketing matters, having participated in the London B2B Marketing Expo and similar conferences.

The security services that K4 Global offers include crisis management, event management and VIP concierge services. The individuals who Joseph Ashford Ellis’s Bournemouth based team offers concierge services to include well-known celebrities and persons of high net worth.

Before starting his Bournemouth based firm, Joseph Ashford Ellis worked as a standard employee and as a C-level executive at various companies. He currently serves as the head of K4 Global and maintains membership in the Public Relations and Communications Association.

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