Joseph Donchez

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As a Sales Executive for IBM Software, Joseph Donchez works within the company’s Industry Solutions Group, focusing on the Smarter Commerce approach to sales and customer service. Performing as a senior member of the IBM sales team, Joseph Donchez puts his advanced communication capabilities to prime use as he engages with IBM’s new Smarter Commerce concept, which functions to centralize the customer’s desires for expansion in value and volume.

In his executive sales role, Joseph Donchez works to embrace the four key components of the Smarter Commerce platform. First, value chain strategy functions at a planning level to make a business model that parallels the customer’s needs. This strategic approach satisfies ever-changing customer needs as well as market conditions. Secondly, core business solutions utilizes a more operational approach to manage the assorted facets of a firm’s lifecycle. Thirdly, Joseph Donchez supports advanced analytics, which examines data from sales, store operations, social media, and customer loyalty programs to keep a sharp focus on the varying needs of IBM’s customers. Finally, workload-optimized systems functions to ensure all aspects of the enterprise remain agile by applying the processes that best serve the customer.

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