Joseph Gellene

Consultant in NewYork

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As a highly gifted intuitive guide, Joseph Gellene relies on his natural ability to assist his clients. He is passionate about helping his clients navigate life with clarity and lead richer, fuller, and meaningful lives. He runs a consultancy service that has seen numerous clients successfully navigate through challenging situations in life. His business was borne out of passion and his natural gift. He uses a combination of techniques, including ancient ones, alongside divine wisdom to achieve his goals. Gellene’s services cater to everyone, and his client portfolio ranges from teenagers to business people and politicians. For maximum efficiency, he categorizes his services into two namely: individual client services and groups. His go-to method when targeting individuals is the use of stories to help clients identify and acknowledge their strengths. He provides a conducive environment for group clients to share their individual experiences and interact with each other in-depth. In the course of these discussions, they can identify their strengths and gain more confidence. All his techniques are designed in a way that they are easy to follow. For context, he has succeeded in assisting teenagers through the difficulties of their transition to adulthood. He has also helped professionals achieve clarity in their careers and personal lives. While most people’s hobbies are usually unrelated to their work, Gellene is different. He loves his gift so much that he uses it to help friends and random people on weekends therapeutic. It’s a job and also His primary hobby.