Joseph Hedley

I was born in Elizabeth City, NC. We moved around a lot, eventually landing in Macon, GA. As a result I become very close to my father, mother, sister and brother. During vacations we would always drive 10 or 12 hours to see family Elizabeth City, NC or in Baltimore, MD. These trips were the highlight of my year. My cousins are my best friends; and I have 20 of them! The trips sped by faster and faster as I aged and I have learned to deal with saying goodbye. As a child I would cry when I left my family, I knew I wouldn’t get to see them for another 6 months. As I have gotten older, learned to drive and begun to social network saying goodbye has become easier. Now that I am in college most of my vacation time is dedicated to Macon to see my nuclear family. Soon, however, my nuclear family will be moving to Elizabeth City to be near my extended family. This seemingly perfect solution has a few drawbacks. Instead of visiting my Mom, Dad, Sister and Brother on the weekends I’ll now have to wait until Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’m so glad that my Mom can finally live near her parents and brothers and my Dad can be near his sisters.

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