Joseph Horiuchi

Fitness Instructor in San Diego, California

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Owner and Founder of Athletes Dojo

Joseph Horiuchi is a trainer and owner of the Athletes Dojo where sport specific programs are customized to focus on building strength, agility, speed, and endurance.

He worked at Pioneer Investments as:

Marketing Services Inventory Control Specialist:

With this profile delivered the following services:

•Provided customer service for both internal and external marketing orders
•Received and fulfilled morning inventory reports for all marketing materials
•Worked as a liaison between the marketing department and the production warehouse
•Conducted the implementation of new promotional marketing products
•Managed calendars and set up meetings for inventory analysis

Marketing Communications Junior Project Manager:

Being a junior project manager he managed the creation and revision of various marketing materials amongst a team of 10+ marketers and even Liaised between legal and marketing departments to ensure materials were in compliance with legal standards. He with his amazing work proficiencies revised various monthly and quarterly statistics reports and furthermore very professionally created, managed, and organized a new innovative Competitive Literature Library Database to increase efficiency and accessibility of materials.

At Video Eye Inc., he very proficiently provided customer service to Japanese speaking patrons both in person and via e-mail/phone and even operated a Japanese computer with Japanese software. Furthermore, Processed cash and credit transactions and calculated weekly gross profits and space rental costs.
He has even explored the profile as waiter at UNO’s Restaurant – busy and fast-paced restaurant and even helped in market target foods and seasonal beverages.