Josephine Ku

Student in Canada

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My favourite subjects are Biology, French, and Chemistry. Biology is a course that I find to be interesting because there are a lot of innovations which have improved how humans live and have contributed to curing diseases. I find that chemistry and biology are interconnected as biology focuses on the reactions that occur in order for living organisms to sustain life and chemistry focus on the reactions on a molecular level. Chemistry is one of my favourite courses because I like studying about chemicals, which is what everything that we are surrounded by comprises of. Learning languages improve cognitive and memory skills. For that reason, one of my favourite courses is French. I enjoy learning about the culture how it has shaped the language. In grade 10, I took Spanish where I realized how many words were derived from a similar root, and as someone who is multilingual, this can be helpful when it comes to understanding new words. My least favourite subject is physics because take a long time to grasp the concepts, which may be discouraging sometimes. I find that there are a lot of equations, which can be confusing.

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