Joseph Master

Assistant Vice President, Writer, and Marketer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Higher Ed content marketing is at a crossroads. Our capability to measure and track overwhelms our capacity to create. Our CRM software works at odds with our RCM budget models. Our own acronyms have become obstacles we must dodge on the page and on camera.

This gray area is where I thrive — using words to close the gap between print and online; faculty and staff; interview and story. I am also an active freelance writer/blogger and occasional speaker on the conference circuit.

Outside of work, I love my family, collecting books, writing songs, fixing mechanical watches and making cocktails. Questions? Want to collaborate? Email me at [email protected]

But first, some samples of my work ...

Ambition Can't Wait Commercial

Because Family Can't Wait Commercial

Short doc: The Story of Darion Porter

Commercial: Temple University's College of Liberal Arts

Ta-Nehisi Coates | A Deeper Black: Race in America

Higher Ed Writing:

A Measure of What Truly Matters (written during COVID-19 pandemic)

Let’s Get Real About the Social Media Hug Machine

Inside Higher Ed: Author Profile (blog posts)

Why Joseph Master is Banking on Higher Ed Storytelling

Podcast Appearances:
Brand Strategy Deep Dive: Inside Drexel’s “Ambition Can’t Wait” Campaign

Ambition Can’t Wait: An Awareness Campaign

Polite Need Not Apply: A Q&A With Mary Gaitskill

Q&A: Yolanda Wisher is Philadelphia’s Poet

It Will All Be Over Soon (Argentina)

When the Mac Came to Market Street

Faith, Family, Football (Virginia Halas McCaskey)

Honest Tom's Revolution

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