Joseph Milliken

My main area of speciality has been health care policy in the American workplace.

Reuters received a gold award worth for its report on US health insurers dropping patients after they were diagnosed with breast cancer.

Its four-month investigation, conducted by Lewis Krauskopf and Washington-based reporter Murray Waas, revealed that a giant health insurer had targeted policyholders recently diagnosed with breast cancer for aggressive investigations and cancelled some policies. An exhaustive study of records, hearings and federal data, as well as interviews with experts, officials and patients led to the Krauskopf and Waas story.

“We published the Murray Waas story in April and the reaction was swift,” said Claudia Parsons, deputy editor for enterprise reporting. “The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats urged insurers to end the policy immediately.”

The fourth annual Barlett & Steele Awards for Investigative Business Journalism were presented in Phoenix, Arizona.

Diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Dropped by Insurer