Joseph Peterson

Anywhere ... recently Seattle, Portland, Moab

It seems we're obliged, in the clumsy first steps of this toddler 21st century A.D., to live all aspects of our life in public. And perhaps most bizarrely of all, "in public" means online -- under the dehumanizing scrutiny of data-mining search engines quite as much as of human voyeurs ... "in public" even if we blog as hermits from a mountain cave. No such luck for me, since I depend on baristas to brew my coffee!

Luddite though I may be, by training I'm an engineer; and these days an online consultant paid to advise others how to be online. Indeed, the internet is what I do professionally -- specifically domain names. For me they're both forest and trees – both market behavior and individual brands.

What captivates me here is the intersection of language and property. It's a richly complicated problem for analysis. Beyond that, however, I see important social implications. After all, if we have the capacity to own vocabulary itself, then we're confronted by the opportunity to influence events, to leverage those digital linguistic assets to communicate with others.

New opportunities abound for publishing and publicity. I've framed my goals accordingly; and to help fund my own development projects, I help others figure out this frustratingly weird world of domains so that their projects are more likely to thrive.

  • Work
    • Freelance investor and consultant: Domain Names
  • Education
    • University of Utah