Joseph Quattrocchi

The Managing Partner of a real estate project in Nantucket, Massachusetts, projected for sale in the summer of 2012, Joe Quattrocchi previously owned and operated several restaurants in the Boston area. Prior to starting his real estate and restaurant career, Joe Quattrocchi served in the mortgage and banking industries. Joe Quattrocchi grew up in the New York area, attending the State University of New York (SUNY) at Plattsburgh as an undergraduate. Joe Quattrocchi earned a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Plattsburgh, subsequently attending Stony Brook University, where he earned a Master of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics. Joe Quattrocchi also studied Business Administration at New York University. In the eighties, Joe Quattrocchi moved to Michigan, where he worked at Dow Corning Corporation for a number of years before returning to the East Coast. After arriving in New York City, Quattrocchi took a position at Bankers Trust, New York (now Deutsche Bank AG). Joe Quattrocchi also managed several mortgage companies prior to leaving the financial sector to embark on a successful career in restaurant entrepreneurship. Joe Quattrocchi holds membership in the Downtown North Association, a nonprofit coalition representing the institutional, professional, business, recreational, and residential interests of Boston's West End community, Joe Quattrocchi has owned and operated several bars and restaurants. Quattrocchi's most successful projects include the Back Bay Brewing Company and Vox Populi. Recognized as Boston's Best Brewery/Restaurant by both Boston Magazine and Improper Bostonian, the Back Bay Brewing Company operated from 1995 to 2000. In 2000, Joe Quattrocchi removed the brewery component of the restaurant, then renovated and renamed the business Vox Populi. For nearly 10 years, Joe Quattrocchi successfully operated Vox Populi. During this period, Improper Bostonian and Boston Magazine named the restaurant and club “Best Pickup Bar.” As one of Boston's hottest restaurant and club venues, Vox Populi remained popular with Boston residents and visitors alike.