Joseph Racca

Stockon, California

Slowly but surely I have managed to push my knowledge of prepress, design, and print production, ranging from concept development to project management.

Though not a graphic desinger through education my experiences have brought me tow here I am today. I received my bachelor's degree at UCLA. Soon after graduation, I moved to Stockton, California to venture out in a new community.

I've done work ranging from logo design of a new charter school, to a storefront for a non-profit organiztion, to the interior design of my current workplace.

I am a graphic designer at Tokay Press in Stockton, and I've been with the company a little under a year, but in that time I have managed to contribute to the collaborative and creative space.

I'm always looking to grow my knowledge and challenge my skills of graphic design and I can't wait to see what I make of my career in the future.

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