Joseph Floyd

Top reasons why your house isn’t selling

Are you wondering why your house is still on the market, sitting there and not going anywhere months after you put it on the market? You can’t figure out why after countless showings, you house is still not selling? It is very easy to get frustrated when you have a house on the market; it isn’t selling, and you don’t know why. Well, there are many possible scenarios that are responsible for this unfortunate outcome. Chances are that you undoubtedly have committed one of the mistakes below, so read carefully and change the strategy before the next open house visit.

1. The price is too high

One of the most common mistakes people make when they list their house on the market is the price. Everybody wants more money, but, unfortunately, such a thing is unlikely to happen because the market is the one who dictates the price of a house or a land, not the owner. If potential buyers look for a house in your area, they will find a couple of options they can choose from. If yours has the highest price, it will probably be last to be visited and has the least chances of selling.

2. Your timing is off

Studies regarding the real-estate market show that people house-hunt more in the spring and summer than they do in the late fall and during the winter. Who would like to move from one house to another when the snow is two feet high or when the temperature is below 10 degrees? Unless those persons are obligated by circumstances to do so, it is unlikely that anybody would move during the cold season. Nobody wants to tell you “can’t sell”, but it is advisable to take the season into consideration.

3. Buyers are unable to find it

Most buyers today search for a new house online. If you do not have your house listed in the places they are searching, it is unlikely for them to find it by mistake walking on the street or driving by. You will need to make sure that your offer is listed on all the major real-estate sites.

4. The photos aren’t attractive

It is important that the image or images of your house show the right feeling your home gives. When potential buyers look at a house, they will search for the one that gives the feeling of home, before they will schedule a visit in person. If you do not have photos, a few photos or photos that are of bad quality and dark, it is unlikely to stir up a feeling to anybody. Don’t be stingy with the pictures. Take as many photos as possi