Joseph Robert Cowles

Joseph Robert Cowles

My life’s work often took me away from my home state of California, on multi-year adventures in Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington. Recently, I and my wife Barbora became residents of the Olympic Peninsula, where we find the climate, the scenery, the food, and the people very much to our liking. It’s a fine change after enjoying two decades in the Mojave Desert near Palm Springs, California. We plan to stay in the green Northwest.

After many years in the advertising industry, during which I created marketing materials for everything from cottage industries to mirrored-glass high-rise buildings, I retired to take up book and magazine publishing. There may be truth to the notion that we Cowles men are born with printing ink in our veins. Grandfather (and other family members as far back as the mid-1800s) somehow passed down their love for the printed page.

Our firm is Event Horizon Press, now in its 23rd year. These days, the books we produce are print-on-demand, sold through Amazon and other booksellers worldwide. Modern technology enables us to bring out many more titles with far less cash outlay—a boon for promising authors, and for we who love publishing.

While my background doesn’t include space sciences, I’m extremely interested in the human advancement promised by off-world colonization, and am a huge fan of the “space elevator” concept. However, I don’t agree that its implementation needs to wait for nanotechnology. There are more immediate ways to approach the matter. My questions are more societal than technical: Who will be Earth’s first permanent space colonists? Where will they build their colonies? How will they get there? What will they take with them? What will they need to survive and thrive? How soon can this happen? Who will make it possible?

I welcome discussion from anyone who shares this interest. And I’m always looking for fiction and nonfiction books in need of publication. Google me, or key in my name on to become familiar with recent Event Horizon Press titles.

Thanks for your interest!