Joseph Roland

Precision Engineer, Web Developer, and Small Business Owner in the United States

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Greetings, I’m Joseph. I’m a Precision Engineer living in United States. I am a fan of technology, music, and travel. I’m also interested in movies and reading.

I worked as a researcher at CERN, now i am with NASA. I mostly traveling btw facilities doing inspections and general training on using our products and equipments.
I am currently located at Antarctica, I also handle Installation running tests of High Precision Instruments and Robotics for the DoD.

I also sell Cryogenic Equipments and Precision Devices for the low level tasks and Point-Point Devices being used by most Defense Agencies or Private Contractors.

Originally from United State, Los Angeles I've had the opportunity to work in Copenhagen, Tokyo, and Stockholm, ultimately settling down in San Francisco.

I am a man of Noble Orientation, Classical Charisma, Polished Countenance whose bossy mass within is Loaded with certain skills and competencies. Obviously, I believe that i am a serious Radical with Flexible Anthropocentric Principles,well built anatomically in terms of intellectual expressively, I'm a Pure Breed of Life whose word delivers kindness,hope and an Unquenchable love.