Joseph Rosa

I am a 9th grade student interested in studying technology because i want to help people in the future what techology is and keep them on track.

According to the Los Rios Occupational Interest Survey, the categories i score highest in are Social and Artistic. This means that i love to share my thoughts and talk a lot with helping people. For Artistic it means that one day i would love to make bulidings and do art whenever i want.

According to ISEEK Career Cluster Interets Survey, my top career clusters are Social and Artistic. This menas that i love art and i love sharing my thoughts to people.

Overall im really strong at Social because i love talking to people and helping them out with anything they need help with. This makes me think that i could be something in the future with my life as i go on. I want to know that in the future will i actually build buildings and create new things.