Joseph Rupolo

traveler, Photographer, and Wilderness Guide in Canada

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HEY, they call me crazy but name is Joe. in 2015 I decided to embark on a lifetime of adventure! It started with a backpacking trek across Canada, a 10,000km + journey with the bare minimum. What I carry on my back and what nature provides me is all I had... and I got hooked.

I originally started this journey in Neils Harbour, Nova Scotia and my trip would have come to an end when I arrived in Vancouver British Columbia having completed a coast to coast walk about of Canada. Thankfully somewhere along the way I fell in love with the idea of new and intriguing experiences on the daily, and so I now planned to circumnavigate this earth under only nature and manpower ie. Bike, hike and sail. working along the way and trying to soak in as much of the surrounding cultures as my little ole brain can take.

With a vague plan, no time frame and a heavy dose of wanderlust it is sure to be a journey worth following.

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