Joseph Seeber


Late 2012, after being introduced to the 'little known' world of Internet Marketing by a good friend Kameron, my life got flipped upside down.

I walked away from trading my time for money and became a full time online marketer in a mere few months.

Since going online, it took me 7 months to go from a complete novice, not knowing my head from my ass, to earning as much as $3000 dollars in a single day, through use of the strategies I was exposed to.

I continue to work with Kameron till this day and am part of his mastermind group, Project A.W.O.L (another way of life).

I am proud to say that today l am one of the leaders inside this community and continue to share Kameron's generosity of paying it forward. I do this by hosting training calls and showing others how to live AWOL through learning a simple skill set of internet marketing.

Recently, I put out a product with 2 friends entitled, the "Instant Audience Formula" that is exclusive to Project A.W.O.L members.

In a nutshell, it's a course that teaches you how to generate traffic to your blog instantly. The success stories I'm receiving daily are still blowing my mind.

In the very near future, we are looking at releasing it to the public. But until then, its 'Insiders Only' ;)

I enjoy spending my days running my own website, , coaching other bloggers, entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to know how to create an income online. It's become my core purpose as I realize I can have the same profound impact on people's lives that Kameron had on mine.

My mission is not only to help people earn an income online, but to show people what's possible when you learn a simple skill set of Internet marketing.

Maybe you're next?

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