Joseph Tramontana

New Jersey

Joseph Tramontana

New Jersey

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Joseph Tramontana is a public finance consultant for OnPoint Education. His main focus is budget development, cutting expenses and increasing revenue.

Mr. Tramontana also served as School Business Administrator for one of the largest school districts in New Jersey. Prior to that he was the District's Human Resources Director, supervising an extensive HR program. Mr. Tramontana also has extensive Local Government experience.

Mr. Joseph Tramontana has a significant background in the following areas:

Budget Development and Forecasting

Health Insurance and Risk Management

Employee and Labor Relations

Fund Accounting and Fiscal Management

Grant Management and Development

Joseph Tramontana has a significant and proven background in reducing costs and generating revenue. These accomplishments include reducing employee injuries and related costs by nearly $1 Million Dollars, implementing a Zero Waste recycling program which saved the district 30% in waste disposal, saved the district $2M by negotiating the board’s position in a Health Care Alliance, refinanced and restructured existing debt; while assuring the district maintained its AA+ bond rating. In addition, he developed a shared services program with the municipal government further reducing expenses.

Finally, he significantly reduced the district's utility costs and implemented a new Energy Savings Improvement Program (ESIP). Mr. Tramontana sucessfully managed significant ROD Grant projects worth millions of dollars.

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    • Hamilton Township School District
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    • B.S Business Administration Rowan University