Las Vegas

I was born in the year of 1967 and grew up in La Puente, Ca. I lived there until 2007. My memories of my hometown were seen horses walking up and down the roads of La Puente. My parents allowed us to have pets such as ducks, rabbits, dogs and cats. We would buy pet food at a feed and grain store a few blocks away from were I lived. The feed and grain store is no longer there. La Puente was a town that was giving way to the days of horses, farming and open fields to the growing suburbs of mass housing development as I grew up. The year of 1977 was forever changing because that is was when I went on a 50 mile hike with the boy scouts in the Kings Canyon / Seqouia National forest of California. The trees were huge. The air was clean. The mountains were high in the sky. The milky way galaxy of a billion stars was a sight to see. I will never forget this time of peace and quietness. Junior high School wasn't such a pleasent time. That is when I was beaten up by someone who was a thug, bully, gang member and a school dropout. As I was getting beat up, I remember wacthing this so called friend looking at me with a smile and doing nothing to help me. A friend, huh ! And today he is trying to contact me by facebook. I got even with this bully. I started to workout. High school was the begining of my great athletic career. I joined the La Puente High School water polo team. I didn't swim very well. Within 3 years, I was the top plaer on the team. I triathlon trained and x-trained at home. Long hours of continuos working out is what helped me to achieve such athletic greatness. I was voted the best freshmen the first year of water polo and the best offense by me senior year. I tried my best to become a professional triathlete. The best I did was at the Bakersfield Triathlon. A 2nd place finish inmy age division was the closest to becoming a pro triathlete. I'm now 45 years old. I have been married to my wife since 2001. We have a daughter named Caroline who was born In the year of 2002. We moved to Las Vegas in the year of 2007. I joined the carpenters union in the year of 2007 and have worked in one of the worlds most famous projects, CITY CENTER, VEER TOWERS. I have started a company called, "OUTDOOR FITNESS" and I'm currently working on health & fitness training for everyone.