Joseph Willoughby

Writer, Photographer, and Student in Poultney, Vermont

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Hello, my name is Joe Willoughby. I am currently a student at Green Mountain College double majoring in English and Writing with a Communications minor.

This is quite a step up from where I was just a few short years ago. Getting bored with the 9-5 desk jobs that I was cycling through I left to begin searching for something more, something I wasn't getting by sitting behind a desk. I began my journey at a broadcasting school where I became certified in radio and television production. But once that was completed I wanted to go further. I enrolled at my local community college and began excelling at school like I had never done in the past and, after two years of hard work and dedication, I graduated with my Associate's degree Magna Cum Laude.

That dedication and willingness to succeed has brought me to where I am now at Green Mountain College on a full scholarship. I would have never imagined this was possible just a few short years ago but here I am in the beginnings of a new life. I am now in the midst of creating a much needed travel blog and website that caters to those of us on the "plus" side of life. With updates and new issues addressed weekly I am hoping to expand from the blog itself into a full service site to cater in all aspects of travel, from booking resorts and flights to clothing and other accessories. Follow me now and watch as my adventures unfold and evolve into a profitable and noteworthy enterprise.

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