Joseph WW Chan

Joseph WW Chan, LLB(Hons), LLM, LLM is a legal academic and currently President of Hong Kong Institute of Community Mediation (HKICMe). HKICMe is an independent, impartial not-for-profit body corporate registered as a limited by guarantee. It runs mediation services such as providing consultancy, in-house mediation training, and standard or other mediation skills training on its own or in cooperation with universities, colleges, institutes, business or community groups. HKICMe follows international standards in all its training programmes and services. HKICMe pioneered financial mediators training in Hong Kong and is proud to have trained the first batch of Hong Kong trained financial mediators in collaboration with Success Institute. Joseph WW Chan believes the world is one community and we need mediators to help reach peace and harmony. Mediators are peacemakers.

The idea of PUCC (Peace, Understanding, Compromise, Co-prosperity) was started by Joseph WW Chan and he is eager to promote it. Mediations can be international, inter-regional, and local. In international mediations, it may cover mediating international conflicts and disputes between multi-national companies. On the local level, mediations can ease the workload of the courts thus reducing public spending on the court system. This is a way to improve judicial governance, which along with legislative and executive governance, form the area of public governance. The world is running short of resources and we need PUCC to promote global or world governance. For peace, we do not want a nuclear war or a major armed conflict. For understanding, we need to know the points of view of the other side. For compromise, we realise that mutual accommodation is needed. For co-prosperity, we all need food and shelter and everyone on earth has a legitimate right to these basic needs. Joseph WW Chan has written articles on governance and mediation. There are articles on mediation published in Contact Joseph WW Chan by email: or click on to facebook, twitter, and linkedIn.