Joseph Yoon

During the 2011-2012 school year, I've done many things in this IB class. We do 20 percent projects which is where you choose a subject and learn more about it. As the year started, we did "Make It Mondays". During those days we would make things such as bridges and sail-cars. Once we were done we would compete whose model was the best. We also learned a new, creative way to find the slope of a line. We made a bungee ball attached to rubber bands and dropped it a high point. Once we did that, we would measure the distance and time. After that was done we would be able to plot the time and distance on a X, Y chart and we would have the slope. One other popular activity in this IB class was filming and producing our own movies. For example, one time we chose an endangered animal and made an informational movie on it. We would also make informational keynotes as the year went by. Google Docs was also very much used in this class. We made most of our projects on Google Docs and just shared them to Mr. Diaz. Google Docs also helped us to stay organized. Lastly, we worked on a No Bull movie. The point of that movie was to point out that cyberbullying and bullying is very bad, and should come to an end. Well that's some of the things we've done in this great IB class so far. Overall this year has been great and I hope it stays that way.