jose renteria jr.

With a very unique, and at times disturbing, imagination, Jose has always had plenty to write about. His writing for the stage earned him a trip to Utah to compete in the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, while at Rio Hondo Community College. His abilities then propelled him into a deeper focus from writing for the stage to writing for the screen. Jose has a couple of completed scripts, and several more in the making.

After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Film & Electronic Arts, from the University of California State Long Beach, Jose had a drive to make his first feature film as soon as possible. Making unbelievable sacrifices, and life-alternating financial decisions, he managed to gather the necessary funds to make his vision come true. Jose has worked on several other projects with friends, so he had no problem gathering a great crew to assist in making “Betty I Am.” With this great accomplishment under his belt, Jose’s passion for film writing and directing have only been strengthened. This writing machine is now well lubed, and really beginning to take-off.