Josette Redwolf

miami fl

Josette's Redwolf's jewelry is an amazing array of incredible gemstones from around the world that she mines and brings directly to you in dramatic edgy statement pieces Josette's jewelry pieces are derived from the awe-inspiring natural beauty of the Southwest.Josette's jewelry is a celebration of the unique beauty and powerful array of colors that are found in nature.She designs with an enormous variety of different forms of Turquoise and gemstones from around the world.Every piece is handcrafted and either part of the one of a kind line or limited editions.This attention to unique creativity makes her a renowned jewelry artist for her sophisticated cutting edge style.

The stones to Josette are an important part of her creative process. From Georgia,the Carolinas, the crystal pits of Arkansas she collects a breathtaking collection of stones to choose from. . We know of no other jewelry artisan that actually has a hand in mining the stones of which they work with. This no doubt sets Josette widely apart from other jewelry artisans.From madagascar they find incredible ammonites and antiquities which are incorporated into her fossil designs and her antiquity jewelry line. Fascinating antiques unearthed from times long ago. Her antiquity line enchants the mind with creations dated as far back as 100 AD.For Josette to be able to wear a part of history she says is "so entrancing" .To think that the hands of artisans from 1600 years past can have a presence in her designs today is something that is incredibly alluring to her."It gives the jewelry a magickal life all its own. "Her fossil jewelry is equally enchanting as each fossil was once a living creature from times far gone. Huge geodes, ammonites, othercerus and more are part of the fossil line of jewelry.

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