Josette Wyatt

Southern California United States

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My photographic style is “In the Moment and Traditional" I love capturing those “unposed, unchoreographed” moments in which the clients aren’t necessarily paying attention to me nor the camera; they may be a bit private, those moments, but I try to capture them from a distance. Of course it’s important to have traditional portraits in which each person feels she/he has a chance to give their best face, angle, stance or pose, no doubt. But I try to produce those portraits as if they are in the moment. The heartwarming smile on grandma’s face; the tear that forms in dad’s eye while dancing with his daughter, the bride, realizing his baby girl is indeed a woman now. The unrehearsed, unstaged moments of human emotion and interaction tell an indelible, timeless story that will be revisited for generations to come. Is there a more powerful story?

  • Work
    • Don Post Studios & In The Moment Portraiture
  • Education
    • Cal Poly Pomona