Jose Vigil

Buenos Aires - Argentina

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I am a creative person who enjoys bringing ideas to reality and solving real problems. I am passionate about the opportunities that are offered worldwide by the current IT environment. I accept the challenge of being both a world citizen and taking part in historical events happening today. I have a background in Industrial Design, which has given me the chance to experiment with design methodologies and to create new concepts that can be perfectly addressed through IT. I support my educational background by working with almost all aspects of the IT business, which has given me a chance to focus on mobile technology, specifically touch technology and gesturing. I am currently focusing all of my efforts on obtaining tangible resources where I can exhibit and market my intellectual properties. I am the founder of RoamTouch, a company based out of the United States. The first approach of the company was PadKite, a multi-touch mouse operated with gestures. This laid the groundwork for GestureKit, our current cross-platform gesture tool and our case application RKT Launcher.

  • Work
    • RoamTouch
  • Education
    • Industrial Designer - UBA