José Manuel Voces García

Project Manager, Consultant, and Teacher in Madrid, España

I studied Economy and Business Administration (5 years) at Carlos III University Madrid and later as an Erasmus student at Athens University of Economics and Business. Subsequently I completed a Master's degree in Aplied Research to Mass Media. After completion of my studies I developed an interest in Social Media, Project Management and Entrepreneurship and started a career as a Market Analyst.

Technical enthusiasm

I grew up with a computer and since then, everything related to Technology, Innovation, Digital Economy and Science has always been part of my life and interest. Creating new opportunities and developing new solutions to bring something fresh to the market is something I particularly appreciate and that was the main reason for my chosen studies. If it can be good for society, I´ll take on the challenge.

Data Analyst & Social Collaboration

Another important aspect of my learning curve and development was related to my studies and my desire to create and manage new metrics and ways to anallze reality and data.

I really discovered my appetite for social collaboration while I was a young student. I joined a student organization called AIESEC ( International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences)

A natural combination

These two aspects of my life, were naturally a great starting point for me, and thus, I naturally decided to focus on Information Technology and Digital projects.

I worked at Market Analyst related companies and also at Hewlett Packard and Microsoft. I am interested in positions related to Data Analysis, Marketing, Communication, Social Media, Public Relations Management (Dircom), Community Management, Digital strategy and Digital Marketing.