Josh Hillis

author in Denver, Colorado

Josh Hillis

author in Denver, Colorado

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Author of Fat Loss Happens on Monday, co-authored with the legendary speaker and author Dan John, for OnTarget Publications (2014). It's THE book on how to use habits to get the body you want, instead of diets.

Contributed "Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss" chapter to The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning for DragonDoor Publications (2011).

Author of several e-books including: The Stubborn Seven Pounds, The 21 Day Kettlebell Swing Challenge, and System Six: Easy Fat Loss.

This year is speaking for the Strength Matters Summits, Motivate Summits, and the Elite Fitness and Performance Summit, training trainers on how to coach habit-based fat loss.

Item writer (question writer) and reviewer for the National Academy of Sports Medicine's CPT Exam.

32,000 readers from over 150 countries read the fitness and fat loss blog:

Quoted or featured by The Los Angeles Times, The Denver Post, Experience Life! Magazine, and USA Today. Regular contributor to Strength Matters Magazine.

Head Coach at PowerHour Group Personal Training:

I've lived in Morro Bay, Seattle, Denver, White Plains, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Compton, Huntington Beach, and Rio De Janeiro.

I've climbed mountains in Colorado and Mayan temples in Guatamala. I've had feijoada and caipirinhas in Brazil, ravioli and blood orange juice in Italy. I studied Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Brazil for two months, and I wandered around rome for two weeks. I've cruised the Carribbean for a week, and I've driven across the United States in three days.

I'm a stand for kinder and more effective nutrition coaching (habits based) and reasonable, progressive, periodized workout programs. The fitness industry can get smarter and more professional, and I want to help.

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