Josh Trujillo

Los Angeles, CA

Josh Trujillo is a writer and comics creator based in Los Angeles, California. Josh had his humble beginnings as an intern at Dark Horse Comics and went on to work for Archaia Entertainment and Northwest Press. In 2012, he served as editor of The Provider, an original superhero mini-series created by Brett Rounsaville and funded on Kickstarter.

This summer, Josh is actively promoting his contribution to Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond Straight and Gay, including a speaking appearance at 2013's San Diego Comic-Con International.

Later this year, Josh Trujillo will release Love Machines, a self-published comics anthology dealing with how romance and relationships are affected by technology. You can remain updated on the progress of the book by following him on Twitter @LostHisKeysMan.

Josh's other passions include dodgeball, vintage pop-culture, tabletop RPGs, and coconut water. His favorite film is Network, his favorite book is 1984, and his favorite television series is The Simpsons.