Josh Schooley

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Well, if I'm being honest; In reality I'm the guy who revels in arguing (even when there's nothing worth arguing about), enjoys stirring up controversy (even if it's just for controversy's sake), and insults those whom I don't agree with (sorry about that). I'm slightly manic-depressive, a bit confused, and only borderline content for brief fleeting moments in time (which pass before I can figure out what that the heck that peculiar emotion is).

I live in Canal Winchester, Ohio with my partner, Todd and our 3 children, Chancelyr (14), Camryn (13), and Jadyn (8).

I am a gay man, but it certainly doesn't define who I am. My partner, Todd and I are not the stereotype that the media and Hollywood would have you believe same-sex couples are. We consider ourselves an "alternative family", but traditional family values are what we teach our children.. We don't hang out at bars and clubs every night. We're VERY family oriented, politically conservative, and enjoy just spending time with the kids at home. Honestly, we're just as boring as most heterosexual families.

We're both conservatives. We're both pro-life, fiscally conservative, and believe in democracy, capitalism, and having an intense work ethic. We don't believe in government entitlement programs.

We like to have fun with the kids, and in fact, almost everything we do revolves around the kids' never-ending functions. We occasionally go dancing on evenings when we don't have the kids. One of our favorite activities is game night at our house with friends. We also love going out to dinner with friends. But out favorite past-time is to sit at the kitchen table with the iPad, Netflix, a pot of coffee and a pack of cigarettes; and just watch TV, drink coffee and chain smoke. LOL!