Josh Aguilar

Im an Interactive Designer. There are a few different sides of me... First, there is the Web Design side of me who is addicted to caffeine and can easily go days without sleep while spending countless hours typing away in languages that the average person has never heard of. Next, there is the Graphic Design side of me who is too intrigued by typography, layout, and design to live life as a simple observer. This side of me is always doodling, critiquing logos, and can't even leave the house without finding a design that grabs him. There’s also the Photography side of me. This is the side that keeps my brain racing when I actually do try to go to sleep (see Web Design side). This part of me is consumed by composition, lighting, angles, and photo shoot ideas. *He's a crazy collaboration of all the sides combined. Finally, there’s the newest side, which is the Video side of me. This part of me loves to recognize After Effects, transitions, angles, and cuts while watching video. He often ruins movie-watching experiences for others with his commentaries.