Josh Christopherson

Dallas, Tx

"Blue Sky"
One has to appreciate how two words can create an image in your mind that is uniquely yours - often based on a memory, a recent image you've seen, or maybe even what you saw when you looked out your window a minute ago. What I love is that no matter what color I change the sky to - orange, green, purple or pink - your mind is capable of creating an image that can show you what I'm talking about based on previously stored images in your brain.

Who you are and what you do is uniquely you. Communicating that to others is often a challenge - because what you're doing is trying to get them to imagine something that they know nothing about.

As a professional artist and stratigest, my goal is to teach your clients, friends, and even complete strangers how to recognize who you are and what you do through my work. Whether it's your new website or ad campaign, a photograph, or an event that is planned entirely around you - let's help them imagine you together.

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