Josh Disbrow

CEO of Aytu BioPharma Inc in Denver, Colorado

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Josh Disbrow is a distinguished luminary within the pharmaceutical landscape, boasting an expansive career spanning over twenty-five years across pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and medical devices. His journey has been marked by visionary achievements, most notably the inception and triumphant growth of Aytu BioPharma, alongside impactful contributions to other esteemed players in the pharmaceutical arena. As Chief Executive Officer and Board Director at Aytu BioPharma, a venture he co-founded in 2015, Josh has orchestrated an inspiring narrative of success. His strategic insight steered Aytu BioPharma to attain a coveted NASDAQ listing in 2017, a testament to his adept leadership. Remarkably, under his stewardship, the company has achieved an impressive annual revenue exceeding $100 million in seven years, a testament to his prowess in guiding corporate growth. Furthermore, Josh's adeptness extended to overseeing four strategic company acquisitions in less than four years.

Beyond Aytu BioPharma, Josh plays a pivotal role as a Director at Zynex, Inc., an esteemed publicly-listed medical device firm specializing in electrotherapy and pain management. His influence extends to chairing the Nominating and Governance Committee, an emblem of his dedication to robust corporate governance. A chronicle of his career milestones reveals a trajectory of ascension. His expedition commenced as a sales representative at Glaxo Wellcome, later evolving into pivotal roles at revered institutions, including Cyberonics, LipoScience, Arbor Pharmaceuticals, and Ampio Pharmaceuticals. During his tenure at Arbor, he catalyzed the transformation from pre-commercialization to a remarkable revenue milestone of over $250 million within five years. Complementing his rich industry sagacity is a formidable academic foundation comprising a Bachelor of Science in Management with honors from North Carolina State University and a Master of Business Administration from Wake Forest University School of Business.

  • Education
    • Wake Forest University School of Business
    • North Carolina State University