Josh Feola

Writer and Musician in Beijing, China

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Josh Feola is a writer and musician based in Beijing. He’s organized music, art, and film events in the city since 2010, via his label pangbianr and as booking manager of live music venues D-22 and XP. His ongoing event series include the Sally Can’t Danceexperimental music festival and the Beijing Electronic Music Encounter (BEME).

He writes regularly about music and art for publications including The Wire, LEAP, Tiny Mix Tapes, Sixth Tone, ChinaFile, Douban Music, and Time Out Beijing. He also co-authors the Gulou View opinion column for the New York Observer.

As a musician, he formerly played drums in Beijing band Chui Wan, recording on and touring behind their debut album, White Night. He currently plays drums in SUBS and Vagus Nerve, and also records and performs under the name Charm.

Josh Feola 是一名居住在北京的作者、音乐人。他自2010年起便开始通过自己的平台旁边儿(pangbianr)以及先后担任演出经理的场地D-22、XP,组织音乐、艺术、电影活动。他的长期项目有撒丽不跳舞实验音乐节(Sally Can’t Dance),以及北京电子乐偶遇(BEME)。

他为以下出版机构撰写过关于音乐、艺术的文章:The Wire,Leap 艺术界,Sixth Tone,ChinaFile,豆瓣音乐人,Tiny Mix Tapes。他也是纽约观察者报Gulou View观点专栏的共同作者之一。